local translation strategies evidence into practise

Translation Strategies

Globalization is bridging the gaps between continents and breaking geographical barriers throughout the world. Besides helping in translation and interpretation,

audio and video localization services

Audio and Video Localization

MIMIN offers top-notch audio and video localization services at an economical price Are you thinking about localizing a training program,

qualified native speaker translators Translating Documents

Documents Translation

Are you currently searching for quick, convenient, and economical professional document translation services? At MIMIN, we are proud to offer

assistance for language learning

Language Learning

Language learning is an easy process when you are young; however, it does not mean that you can learn it

legal translation rendering of legal texts from the source language

Legal Translation

Did someone advise you to have legal translation of your content or documents and wonder what it entails? Most people

Filing vs. Information Translations patent translation services

Patent Translation

We, at MIMIN, understand the importance and criticality of subject expertise and accuracy when it comes to patent translation. The

professional translation agency translating content

Professional Translators

Let Translation Carve Your Path to Success Engaging and accurate translation is a strong ally for your business when entering

subtitle translation non-verbal text and dialogues

Subtitle Translation

Are you looking for a professional subtitle translation service for your corporate content and informational videos? Well, you have landed

linguistics for comprehension syntax and semantics

Syntax and Semantics

The translation is not just about converting your text from the original language into a desired foreign language. You need

technical translators with background in science and technology

Technical Translation Services

Technical translation requires the translator to have detailed knowledge and understanding of a topic. This requires a proficiency in the

translation agency pricing ranges

Translation Agency

If you want to translate a document, it’ll be difficult to choose one translation agency over another. Every translating agency