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We, at MIMIN, understand the importance and criticality of subject expertise and accuracy when it comes to patent translation. The stakes get even higher when there are millions of dollars involved in your intellectual asset, business secrets, research documentations etc.

We Offer Patent Translation by Qualified Subject Matter Experts

We have in-house patent translators and patent translation editors with technical degrees, certification, and training in science, engineering, medicine, and computer sciences to cater to patents from any industry.

All our patent translators only translate in their native languages to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the language and context used in the original document. Not only do they have expertise in their native language but also extensive background knowledge about the patent rules and regulations in their country.

Patent Translation for All Purpose

From filing to information, we can provide patent translation service for any purpose. Our team of expert patent translators is well-versed in the translation of patents for litigation purposes. Moreover, they also know how to investigate prior art or work related to your patent.

They will make sure to produce a literal translation of your patent. Moreover, they will closely follow the content, style and sequence of your patent’s content.

You can also utilize our selective translation service to meet your unique patent translation needs. We understand that sometimes, you may only need to translate a specific section of your patent documentation; we can do that too.


At MIMIN, we know the process inside out and what challenges may arise due to the complexities and technicalities of the patent system. The patent translation is entirely different from translation and will require someone who can use niche-specific jargons flawlessly.

Unlike general translation services, our team of specialized patent translators will only translate the patents related to their area of expertise and knowledge.

So, whether your patent belongs to the engineering, medical science, mechanical, chemical or pharmaceutical industry, MIMIN will be able to cater to all your needs with a guarantee.

Moreover, we can offer you a broad range of patent translation services, including

  • Translating claims
  • Drawings and descriptions
  • Research on prior art
  • Legal documents pertaining to patent disputes

In case you are approaching a patent filing deadline and need an urgent patent translation, our experienced patent translators can help quickly, accurately and with 100% confidentiality.

MIMIN in-house patent translation team allows us to handle large volumes of work efficiently and meticulously. We can translate your patent within days in the language that you desire. Moreover, if you are looking for a patent translation service at a competitive price, you have landed on the right page.

No Compromise on Quality

At MIMIN, we have meticulous quality control protocols at every stage of your patent translation.

We believe in getting it right the first time; therefore, we monitor each translation assignment through the entire translation funnel, i.e. starting from your account management all the way to the final proof-reading of your translation.

100% Transparency

We know how confidential and time-sensitive your patent filing can be. Therefore, MIMIN offers to offer you full transparency into knowing the status of your patent translation project. We will always be pro-active in providing you updates with all the latest developments of your project.

Our comprehensive development reports will update you on various steps such as when it goes for translation, undergoing final review and ready for proof-reading. This way, you have a realistic timeline of your patent translation stage and what your expected delivery time will be.

However, if you wish to know anything, feel free to call us or speak to us via chat.

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