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Are you looking for a professional subtitle translation service for your corporate content and informational videos? Well, you have landed on the right web page as MIMIN are the industry experts in offering subtitle translation services in numerous languages from around the world.

Subtitles Translation Service

We come across subtitles on a daily basis, especially on televisions, cinemas, and Netflix content. The idea is to unlock the potential to represent your multimedia content to a much larger audience on a global scale.

Now your content is no longer restricted by geographical constraints. You can make it accessible to people from various languages and cultures from anywhere in the world. For instance, the Korean movie Parasite won the Academy Awards for the Best Picture in 2020.

Although the entire movie was entirely in the Korean language, it found worldwide fame and recognition. How? Thanks to the subtitles, all movie lovers managed to understand the content and relate to it in the language we understood.

In fact, the producers of series, movies, and content now realize the significance of providing multi-lingual options in their content. This allows the viewers to view the visual content and understand the context by reading the subtitles in their native or desired language.

Why Subtitles Translation

First and foremost, a professional subtitle translation and transcribtion service is a far cheaper method than dubbing to make your content available to the target audience speaking various languages. We at MIMIN have always been at the forefront of catering subtitle translation projects from various industries.

Our team of experts has worked rigorously for years in this area; therefore, they have become highly efficient and proficient at subtitling both long-term and short-term projects. Moreover, we are fully capable of offering you subtitle translation services for a large number and a wide range of language pairs.

Video Subtitle Translation Service

Businesses are realizing the potential behind subtitling their content in all fields. Let us take video subtitle translations and the magnanimous scope of growth it offers.

During the COVID-19 outburst, all theatres and cinemas are in a lockdown state. However, streaming services made an early move and started offering their viewers various subtitle options, including French, German, Spanish, Russian, English, Chinese, etc.

This helped streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and others grow exponentially in their monthly subscriptions.

YouTube is another significant example of how to subtitle translation service can help you grow your online profits. Remember that YouTube makes money when you view the adverts that play before the video starts or the short adverts between the videos.

These adverts now come with subtitles so people can get the advert in their own language.  This way, they are more likely to click on the link to buy the product.

Similarly, other social media platforms opt for subtitles translation for their audio-video content. Imagine if your business posts content on social media, you can make your content available to billions of people by spending a relatively small budget on offering subtitles content.

Classified Subtitle Translations

At MIMIN, we are very careful with our clients’ confidentiality matters. Therefore, we take pride in offering classified subtitle translation services as well.

If you are looking for a subtitle translation service to localize your multimedia content, the first thing you must remember is to get it right. We are well-versed in all industry standards and place all the subtitles at the bottom of the content’s screen. Moreover, all our subtitles use a maximum of one to two lines per screen.

Adding more than three lines makes it hard for your viewers to listen and read simultaneously. However, we can alter the subtitle placement only if they overlap with the hardcoded texts, including opening credits and non-verbal text and dialogues. 

What We Offer

MIMIN works on a very efficient and cutting-edge assigning process. This will ensure that each translation project goes to one of our seasoned and professional translators based on their expertise.

Assigning your project to the right translator will allow us to offer an ideal combination of competitive and immaculate subtitle translations. This way, we also ensure that you, as our prestigious client get an impeccable service combined with the most competitive rates for subtitle translation service in the market.

We Make Them Precise

Our subtitle translations will appear on the screen with the audio and continue to display for a couple of seconds after the audio dialogue is over. This will help your reader finish reading the entire subtitle, especially if the context was complicated and/or lengthy to comprehend

In case you have fast-paced audio, dialogues, or monologue, normally, we will shorten the subtitles or try to rephrase them to make them as precise to match the pace of the audio.

We also offer closed captioning, where we even subtitle the words that are hard of hearing. Our subtitle translators will write the subtitles for the desired language. Additionally, we will also subtitle hard-to-understand words due to the speaker’s accent or other distortions.

However, our closed captions display also has a text description of what the audience heard. For example, describing a phone ringing in the background, brakes screeching, or other distant or audio cues and noises.

We also offer subtitle translations for access services. This means that we can also do subtitles for sound effects and speaker IDs. In case there is a speaker visible on the screen, we will be able to position the subtitles accordingly, including the descriptions if necessary.

These subtitle translation services are options for on-demand videos and online DVDs or streaming services.

Why Hire MIMIN

At MIMIN, we only hire specialist linguists with professional experience, degrees, and training in subtitle translations. Our team has experts who can translate in audio, video, and text.

Our vetting process is very stringent when it comes to choosing translators. We will ensure proofreading all the projects from start to finish after our translators have done their job. This always helps us to ensure that we deliver the highest quality.

Rest assured, our translators will use manual expertise to listen to what is said or written on the video. We do not use any automatic timing or video recognition software to create robotic subtitles.

 We at MIMIN believe in giving a human touch and use cutting-edge specialist solutions to subtitle your multimedia project. We guarantee accurately timing all foreign captions and transcribing every nuance to perfection.

Once your subtitle translation project is complete, our caption writer will start exporting the foreign subtitles in various formats depending on your project’s needs and demands. However, you can work with us to get up-to-date information on which stage your subtitle translation is at.

You can also look into information such as checking our subtitles before we deliver. However, if you wish to know about our subtitle translation services in more detail and why it is essential for you, feel free to call us and speak to one of our advisors.

Contact us Today

If you are looking for a subtitle translation service, contact us today. You can also request a free quote by visiting our website. We will be more than happy to discuss your upcoming projects and take care of all your subtitling needs in the language you desire.

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