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If you want to translate a document, it’ll be difficult to choose one translation agency over another. Every translating agency works in a similar fashion but differs in terms of the services they provide. For instance, an agency that translates medical content might not help you with cosmetology content. In this article, you will learn why you need a translation agency and how you can choose one:

Why You Need a Translation Agency

Speaking two languages does not qualify someone as a translator. Translating content from one language to another requires advanced linguistic skills and a close understanding of the target language’s industry, culture, and country. The characteristics of a high-quality translation include:

  • Use of correct writing style and grammar according to the audience
  • Accurate terminology
  • Correct flow of industry’s jargon
  • Considering the cultural differences

The translation industry refers to this process as localization. When you work with a professional agency, you will be confident in hiring a skilled and experienced translator who has gone through the arduous selection and testing process. Choosing a professional agency instead of freelancers increases the accuracy of your translation. These agencies handle huge text volumes to translate different languages in short timeframes. This means that you can rapidly promote your products in the market by selecting an agency for your translation work.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Translation Agency

1.     Localize your Business

A professional translation agency will provide localized services. This will enhance your business’ reputation among the different communities in the area. All your content, such as banners, graphics, and multi-media components, will look familiar to the target audience. In simple words, a freelancer will simply eliminate the language barrier, while a professional translation agency will bridge the communication gap between your business and the target audience.

2.     Doubles as a Marketing Tool

Translating and localizing your company’s content for the global market is essential. But when a professional translation agency looks after your needs, they improve the impact of your marketing technique. High-skilled translation agencies not only have expertise and knowledge about the marketing trends and target audience, but they know different cultures, technology, and how businesses work. When you hand over your translation tasks to such an agency, you do not risk compromising on quality.

3.     Globalize your Brand

Besides helping you build a global image, a translation agency will boost confidence in your company, potentially improving your bottom line. Your consumers will feel comfortable and safe globally. They will prefer your brand, products, and services as it follows their culture localizing it. You will rapidly grow if your consumers are happy with your brand.

4.     Consistent and Cost-Effective

When you localize products by translating them, you need to consider consistency in the text. Translators working in a professional translation agency are native speakers and understand their culture well. As they live in the targeted country, they know the trends and changes. They will bring consistency in the voice and tone throughout the translated content. Furthermore, they rely on a cost-effective model to keep your translation costs low.

5.     Cover all Aspects

Localizing and translating is not limited to user manuals and website copy. A professional translation agency will offer you everything that your business requires, such as translating mobile applications. You won’t need to hire different translators for different platforms. Choose an agency that offers you a complete package. Don’t consider it as outsourcing a company because a translation agency will work as a team to localize the text so you can target the global market.

Selecting a Translation Agency

Even though all translation agencies rely on a similar working process, their quality of work differs. While selecting an agency, you need to ensure the agency is equipped with the ability and skills to meet your standards. Almost every translating agency promises low prices, high-quality, great service, and fast turnaround. But in the end, the reality is different. Below, you will find some helpful tips that will help you find the best translation agency depending on your needs and preferences:

1.     Ask your Networks

One of the best ways to find a reliable translation agency is by asking around in your circle and network. You can ask for a recommendation from someone in your network which is already working with a professional agency. Ask if their agency satisfies their needs while offering high-quality translation. Furthermore, check the agency’s website for more information, such as details about expertise, along with means to contact them. You can also contact the reliable translation agency in United States directly to ask further questions. 

2.     Understand the Procedure and Process

A professional translation agency will implement an efficient process to handle the projects they receive from you and other clients. This way, they can keep track of all the assignments and language pairs. They maintain progress on assignments, so they can meet deadlines and promote accuracy and quality in time. Some agencies also allow clients to monitor their assignments and complete the translation process according to their needs. So before hiring a translation agency, ask them about their process.

3.     Check for the Language Combinations

Whether you want to translate the content in one language or many, it’s important to ask the agency about the language pairs they offer. By knowing the available language options, you can ensure that the agency will handle other languages in the event that you expand the business. 

4.     Apprehend the Standards

At a professional translation agency, their team includes expert translators, professors, and linguists. So before you hire an agency, you need to confirm their standards. You need to check their capability to translate quality content while meeting the deadline. You can ask the translation agency about their specialists’ skills, experience, and level of education. 

5.     Look for the Level of Service

Contact the agency to see if they offer prompt responses to calls or emails. This will help you understand if the translation agency offers timely responses or not. Analyze their response by checking factors like the time they took to respond, the team’s enthusiasm, and if they asked about your requirements. The answers to these questions will give you a complete picture of how the agency facilitates its clients. Here are some other questions you should ask the team:

  • What is their working process?
  • Will they assign you to a contact person or a team?
  • Do they provide you with contacting options such as emails or calls afterward?
  • How frequently they visit their partners?

All these questions will give you a better understanding of the translation agency, so you make an informed decision.

6.     Ask for the Prices and Deadlines

Deciding on a translation agency is easier when you are aware of the cost of their services. However, a translation agency quotes their prices according to the complexity and length of the content. They will analyze the difficulty level of the content you want them to translate before sharing the price and deadline. Some content is more technical than others, so it requires more time and proficiency. You need to keep in mind that a professional translation agency will also charge you for proofreading and management costs. 

7.     Confirm the technology they Use

A professional translation agency will use CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools for translating the texts. With the help of CAT tools, the agency will improve the translation quality and ensure the translation’s uniformity.

Ask the agency what software and tools they use for the translation process. For instance, ask if the agency uses the latest technology, such as machine translation and system integration. If they do, it means they can offer great deals, allowing them to provide intelligent and efficient processes.


If you are looking for a professional translation agency that can offer the best quality translations for your user manuals, online resources, and other platforms, consider hiring MIMIN for your next task. We provide a wide range of translation services to globalize your business and expand its reach. We understand your specific requirements to offer services such as subtitling, localization, closed captioning, speech recognition, and much more.

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